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Votes so far from the Preston Bissett Jury

Final flurry of votes expected..

So this weekend is “Eurovision Weekend” – and clearly we are still awaiting some key votes from the Preston Bissett jury (that is basically anyone reading this) in our VE Day photo and colouring in competition.

Suffice it to say that voting so far is very much “Cyprus voting for Greece” – so absolutely no surprises there! 

Who will get douze points?

Strong voting so far: in class 1 currently in the lead is PB Battle of Britain, in class 2 the Murnane’s are topping the board again with Top Gun, if only the bike had been a chopper…. In class 3 Life on Mars and Florence are head to head, in class 4 the 2 entries are even, in the enormous Pets at home class Reggie (Animal) and Little and Large are front runners (by a whisker).  Colouring in is splitting the jurors – but we all have a different take on ‘what is art’ don’t we?

Hopefully we can wrap up the voting this weekend, so I plan to close it on Monday morning and announce the winners next week. Remember if you haven’t voted yet and have other favourites than the ones mentioned above, please vote! 

Thanks again everyone for taking part – please click here to see the entries and vote if you want to.