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Preston Bissett Parish Councillors and Clerk

There are  7 elected Councillors and each has responsibilities assigned to them.

Graham Ellis (Chairman) – Employment (Clerk & Councillor Elections), Training and Competence 01280 848060 and 07973853651

Nic Wheble (Vice Chairman) – Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) 01280 848369 and 07788912882

Graham Gulliver – Planning Applications  01280 847535

Matt Killick – Grants Coordinator

Jean Turner – Village Liaison
01280 848549

Pat Webb – Property Maintenance (Recreation Ground) – Compilation of contracts, contractors (including unsuccessful bidders), payment information, Tree inspection policy, etc. 01280 847117

Kim Proffitt – is our Parish Council Clerk. She provides the admin support to the Council and liaison with Bucks Council, Neighbourhood Police unit, Highways Maintenance etc 07760308690