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Community Emergency Plan

Community Emergency Plan

Possible events that could impact the village have been identified as, Fire, Flooding, Long term power outage and Long term water supply disruption.

People who are vulnerable and need extra protection

Luckily a lot of people have families/carers close at hand in case of emergencies

However, we should all be aware of particularly ‘at risk’ residents, such as:

  • Very elderly
  • Sick or those with long term health problems
  • Babies and very young children
  • Those with mental health problems

In the event of any of above events

With flooding water and power disruptions we urge all in the Village to make sure neighbours we know are vulnerable have access to water, hot drinks, food, and warmth.

In the event of a fire obviously the fire service is in charge but try to check if people are within property, move vehicles and alert neighbours WITHOUT ANY DANGER TO YOURSELVES


Reception Centre

In the event that homes are inaccessible, The Old School, Main Street is the reception centre.  Key holders for the Old School are Sam Judge (Rectory Garden, Main Street) and the Clerk (Piglets, The Square).