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Preston Bissett Parish Council – What do we do?

We have overall responsibility for the well being of our village and its residents.

Our work falls into three main areas:

•Representing the local community
•Delivering services to meet local needs
•Striving to improve the quality of life

We work with the new Buckinghamshire Council to ensure effective delivery of local services through the newly formed Buckingham an Local Villages Community Board

We provide and maintain street lighting, litter and salt bins, planning reviews of applications, road marking and signage schemes, recreation and open spaces with multi games facilities and children’s play area

We liaise with key infrastructure developments – HS2 and East West Rail – to minimise the impact on our village life and keep villagers informed of future impacts, road closures and alike

We listen to villagers and take up village wide concerns on their behalf. We consider new projects for the village and look to grants that may be available (eg section 106 or Community Board funding). We consider most effective and value for money ways to deliver potential devolved services ( eg grass cutting of verges and footpath maintenance) and seethe document below re planning.

It is your Parish Councillors, supported by your Parish Council Clerk, who prioritise local needs and ensure delivery


Planning Considerations Help Sheet