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VE Day Photo Competition – Preston Bissett NEEDS YOU!!

VE Day Photo Competition – get snapping!


Good Evening Villagers!!!  It looks set fair for a fantastic weekend ahead – a potentially perfect time to get those creative juices flowing, let’s remind ourselves of the categories and what you might want to do.  Remember – your village needs you, let’s have some fun with this and get together as a virtual community. 

The Classes1) We’ll Meet Again; 2) Film; 3) Music; 4) Eurovision / Bake Off and 5) Pets at Home..  See some more details below but basically, get snapping send them in to Sam and I here and then go see the latest entries here.  Voting will open on VE Day and we will share links and how to do that then. 

Happy Snapping!!



The Film Class...

is about using what people have to hand, more than a few scenarios spring to mind, but have a go, the possibilities are literally endless! For example, the Whebles have loads of children and a set of grandparents – could we be seeing something from the Sound of MusicMartin SL literally has any prop (but they are actually real) that could be imagined from pre 1960, and as we know he’s done a dry lockdown, I imagine that a scene from Ice Cold in Alex is an absolute cert.  It is worth saying that Haigh will pick something Swedish and niche that no one has ever heard of, but we will of course admire the artistry…. Carl and Rebecca could capture for posterity their lockdown at Abigail’s Party (natch), and Gary, Helen, John and Kim are likely to ‘Carry on Camping’ (or hoping to again one day!). As for Spartacus well, put it this way, Neil has been in the loft, Steve has been ‘manscaping like a boss’ and Graham Gulliver….  well Sally is reportedly ‘delighted’.

The Music class..

… about that album (we all have them), and obviously we may not have everything to hand, but I’m thinking ‘spirit of’ or ‘general gist’ here…. What might we see you ask?  Well, Haigh will likely channel his inner Bruce, Jason and Lanie (lord help us) will probably Rocky Horror our senses, I have seen Samantha’s early vinyl – there could be some surprises from that corner…. Milo and Bex of course are in full ‘sun’s out, guns out’ mode, so we could be in for a real treat, whilst Andrew and Robyn will of course be ‘having it large’ PB ‘Glasto’ style…

We'll Meet Again is ...

… an opportunity to wave to camera holding a glass (of something fabulous) or a message to your friends in the village, if you want to glam up great, if not fine – we just want to see you all!  Will we see a snapshot of Mo and Martin’s legendary wine cellar? Will Jackie manage to balance a chicken on her head? Will the Kings manage the family selfie on a quad? Will Maddie show us her cauldron?

Eurovision Bake Off ...

.. this one sounds daunting, but I think you are eating (one assumes) and trying to keep your spirits up in these strange times, this is hopefully a nod to that, so show us your efforts and ‘WORK IT BABY!!’ (Blue Steel, meets Abba, with Mary Berry) some people may be better suited to this… Rumoured to be using ‘this week’s box’ to accessorise her demure form, the pocket rocket that is Katie will be pairing the ensemble with glitter, wings and a large glass of Rose (Alfie may wear a cap), Sara G has an extensive haberdashery so a dark horse, Jai’s gnocchi and Milo’s show prawn may be going head to head, and there are rumblings that Andy ‘the noodle’ Nethercleft and his squadron of ladies may be growing and colouring in their own outfits….

Pets - we all have them.....

.. (not so you cry – au contraire I retort….), you may have the traditional cat, dog, rabbit, gecko, but there are loads of things buzzing and fluttering around at the moment get them, or draw a picture of your imaginary pet (Neil’s is a well trained Spaniel for example, mine a unicorn), clearly the Kings have the opportunity of the multi-lamb shot in this category, and the Paynes and the Whittakers have some curly puppies….