The use of public footpaths during this social distancing…a letter from the Parish Council

Preston Bissett Parish Council

1st April 2020

To All Villagers

The Use of Public Footpaths

The Parish Council has been made aware, by a number of villagers, of the temporary closure notices placed at the entrance to some Public Footpaths in and around the Village.

The Council has today requested that these notices be removed as there is no Government advice or legislation in place at this time that permits the closure of any Public Footpath.

It has always been the responsibility of everyone using Public Footpaths that cross farm land to keep to the footpath at all times and to keep dogs on a lead especially where animals are in the field.

In these COVID -19 times, Government has encouraged the public to take short exercise provided they comply with social distancing, keep in family groups or max 2 non family persons and do not ‘gather’.

So when you are on your short walk, please be extra vigilant when using Public Footpaths especially those that cross farm land and where possible use protective gloves to open and close farm/footpath gates.

Graham Ellis