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Tennis court clean up

Dear Villagers
Tennis Court Area Clean-up
The Clean-up session last Saturday went ahead but only myself, Samuel (my son) and Pat
Webb turned up! There were a few villagers who apologised for not being able to make it –
thank you to them.
Consequently, there is still a lot to do, such as, de mossing the playing surface and the
pathways around the court. We need to clear the moss and debris, then a good sweep
before we can apply moss and weedkiller to the tennis court, the children’s play and the
teenage shelter areas.
Please note that during the moss and weedkiller application the whole of the recreation area
will be closed.
After all this has been completed, we can then refresh the ‘white lines’ and put the nets up.
So can you help please? – especially if you intend to use the tennis court and the play
areas this season.
Date: This Saturday 13 th April at 10.30am.
Please drop me an email to say you are coming:
Many thanks
Graham Ellis