Preston Bissett Parish Council


Message to all Villagers of Preston Bissett

The announcement by the Government last night (16th March 2020) set out some clear guidance on what we as individuals should do to protect ourselves, our families, friends and neighbours. Most of this is common sense after all.

The Preston Bissett village website ( has been and will continue to be a valuable communication link about what’s going on in our village and gives everyone the up to date NHS and  Government guidance on fighting the effects of the Coronavirus.

In our small community it is vital that we look after ourselves and each other to arrest the onset of this virus. In particular we need to look out for the elderly, the vulnerable and those less able to get about or those who will be restricted to their homes for the foreseeable future. Lets think about how we can help them and then act. Even a small act of kindness can have a great impact. This could be collecting prescriptions, picking up essential groceries, walking the dog, or just a chat on the telephone. If they are unwell they may need help arranging  a call to NHS 111 or even the GP.

So please take a moment to check on those along your street (avoiding close contact of course) and offer help.

Most of all  listen out for regular updates from the NHS ( and Government ( and follow that guidance at all times.