Potholes and resurfacing

BCC has contacted the Parish Council regarding the resurfacing:

‘The countywide surface dressing programme that was carried out in Buckinghamshire in 2019 has experienced an unusually high premature failure rate. Initial investigations show that it is largely due to the exceptionally wet autumn and winter we have experienced immediately following the application of the surface dressing treatment.

Pleasingly Pound Lane, Preston Bissett;  Tingewick Road, Radclive and Radclive Road, Gawcott are not currently showing any signs of failure. We will however monitor these sites over the course of the winter, and should  any remedial works be  required then they will be carried out at the contractors cost in the summer when the weather allows.’

If you notice signs of failure please let the Parish Council know so that they can inform the County Council.

This also seems and opportune time to mention the other roads in the village, which are currently littered with potholes.  Our Parish Councillors and Clerk have been keenly reporting any potholes on ‘Fix My Street’ but sadly notice that despite our best efforts TfBucks seems content with fixing a couple and then closing the matter down.  Thankfully one of our councillors reopened the latest report with the following response:

Church Farm to Mastings – The men were there/the lorries were there/the materials were there/the holes were there – and most of them still are. Thank you for fixing a couple but why not ALL. What a waste of resources.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE report potholes as you find them, so that TfB’s can’t get away with simply sweeping Preston Bissett into a pothole!

Click on https://www.fixmystreet.buckscc.gov.uk/ to report and road or pavement issues you many notice.

Thank you for your help in this matter.

Preston Bissett Parish Council

Hollie Nethercleft

Parish Clerk.

For and on Behalf of Preston Bissett Parish Council