Lockdown Cookery Book

Dear Villagers

We would like to put together a Preston Bissett Lock-Down Cook Book and need your help!  It would be lovely if we can have as many recipes as possible from as many people.  You can send them in any form you like: a photo, hand written, typed, web-link….and it would be even better if you have a photo of the finished article to entice people and so they can see what they’re aiming for.  If the recipe could come with a couple of sentences about why you chose it, or a dedication, or description of the dish, then that would make the book personal and very special too.  

  • Do you have a favourite store-cupboard dinner?
  • Something that you’re missing cooking for family that you can’t see at the moment (or something you wish they’d make for you!)? 
  • An amazing cake that you have discovered you can make with a shortage of flour or eggs? 
  • A comfort-food recipe that cheers your family up? 
  • A family favourite that you fall back on in times of stress?
  • A cake that you’d bake to tell a neighbour you’re thinking of them?
  • A recipe that uses up all those bits of vegetables and cheese-ends lurking in the fridge? 
  • A thrifty use for left-overs that you’d like to tell others about? 
  • A recipe that you’d like to hand on to your children?
  • Something you’ve been making at home with the children this lock-down?  

Please send recipes and photos to Bertie Epps at bertieepps@gmail.com or deliver through her door at Meadow View on Main St.  Anything that you send, we will assume you are happy to be published, but will of course say who donated the recipe (unless you want to be anonymous). If the recipe originally came from a book or magazine, please tell us what is is so that we can be sure to reference the source (if you’ve tweaked it to make it your own, then no need!).  Feel free to send more than one if you like!  We will collect them until the end of May and hope to have a book ready for you later in the summer!

Best wishes Bertie Epps,