Letter from Parish Council Chairman to HS2 contractor Nov. 2020

Dear Lucy

Thank you for your response to our email last week and your commitment to carry out tool box talks with your groundworks staff.

With two organisations working ( EFKB and Fusion) in this same area – Moat Farm- it is difficult to know which contractor we should be referring our current concerns to. We have not received the name and address of your counterpart in Fusion, so until we get that information, we shall direct all matters to you at EFKB and request you pass the relevant matters to Fusion as quickly as possible.

So from Monday of this week there have been AT LEAST 32 HEAVY vehicle movements through Preston Bissett! That’s in just 3 days. 30 sitings have been with two trucks owned by TPA Ltd carrying Portable Roadway Track and 2 photographs of one of these vehicles were taken this afternoon (attached). The other siting was a white truck carrying multiple plant and equipment at 12.25 pm yesterday (24th) Reg No. PE18 BBT owned by Thomas’s – a large Birmingham based vehicle subcontractor. These are random sitings so there was likely a lot more movements.

As we have stated before, Preston Bissett is a rural village with a very narrow main road and cannot take this level of Heavy Truck movements without there being a considerable increase in risk of an accident. The photograph shows the vehicle taking up 75% of the road and at the time there were no cars coming the other way. On this occasion the vehicle was being driven at reasonable speed. 

EFKB has stated that it will direct Heavy Traffic towards the main Gawcott to Calvert Road but in these witnessed cases this is clearly not happening.  

We now demand that EFKB and Fusion management take immediate steps to instruct their own drivers and those of their numerous contractors to use the designated roads and NOT to use Preston Bissett. In addition we recommend both organisations place a ‘Banksman’ at the junction to Preston Bissett from Chetwode to ensure this instruction is carried out.

Your confirmation that this has been done will be appreciated.

I shall be very happy to meet with the Operations Director of both organisations at any time.

Graham Ellis


Preston Bissett Parish Council