HS2 – Grounds Investigation. Letter to the contractors

Dear Villagers,

Please see below, a letter from Graham Ellis to EKFB with regard to their update last week.

“Dear Lucy

Thank you for your email update.

12 to 20 contractors are already on site at Moat Farm. 

We have already had concerns expressed by villagers that there is not enough direction being given to employees and sub contractors of EKFB as to the appropriate routes to be used by both heavy vehicles/low loaders and cars/4×4.

Main Street, Preston Bissett should NOT be used as a route to this groundworks site even for a short duration.

The most appropriate route is to enter and depart via the Gawcott to Calvert/Grendon Road. 

Please make sure EKFB and its sub contractors’ managements are made aware of this AGAIN.

Graham Ellis

Chair Preston Bissett Parish Council ” 

Below: Lucy’s response.

“Dear Graham,

Thank you for your email.

EKFB are not currently working in Moat Farm but are due to mobilise there soon as detailed in my email.

I am aware that Fusion, the company carrying out enabling works on behalf of HS2 are working at Moat Farm currently. Their subcontractors Stobart’s are conducting a number of activities including completing some localised vegetation clearance and setting up a site compound. I believe these are the contractors you are referring to as they have approximately two groups of 6 staff. 

All Fusion’s activity listed above will be on-going until the end of the year. Fusion will the start archaeology mitigation preparations in the new year.

I take on board your comments regarding access through Preston Bissett and I am currently preparing a team talk for members of our ground investigation teams around routes to work and traffic, so I will be passing on your concerns to the team.

We do work alongside our contractors to advise on the best routes to each site, and look to avoid traffic through Preston Bissett where possible and use the Gawcott to Calvert road when approaching from the south. There are instances where our workers are travelling daily to the site from the north/Barton Hartshorn direction, where it is not always possible to avoid driving through villages, but we have re-iterated our messages about considerate driving and aim to keep disruption to a minimum as much as possible.

I have also passed on your message to Fusion so that they can speak with their subcontractors regarding this. 

Kind regards,


Lucy Colls

Engagement Manager

Eiffage Kier Ferrovial BAM JV |  HS2 Team | 1 Victoria Square, Birmingham, B1 1BD”