Church lead thefts – please be vigilant

A message from Revd David Hiscock:

You may already be aware that we discovered on Friday that Grendon Underwood Church has had the remainder of its lead stolen from the nave roof. This afternoon we discovered that about one-half of the lead on the nave roof of Marsh Gibbon Church was stolen last night. Another unwelcome spate of lead thefts causing a lot of extra work, financial loss for each church and considerable distress for some villagers, whether church members or not.

One assumes these thefts are being managed by highly organised gangs and without wishing to alarm anyone unduly, please be aware that all our churches are vulnerable to other types of theft if these gangs consider it worthwhile so please take all extra care possible. It may be that the same gang will return over the next few days to steal the remainder of the lead from Marsh Gibbon Church, especially now that they know the layout and no doubt have the necessary equipment available.

If you spot or hear anything suspicious at all, day or night, please dial 999 immediately but do not consider approaching anyone yourself or placing yourself in any kind of danger. 

Kind regards