Anti-Social Behaviour in the Village Recreation Area

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Dear Resident,

Anti-Social Behaviour in the Village Recreation Area

Regrettably, despite our hopes, it has been brought to the Parish Council’s attention again that there is daily evidence of Anti-Social behavior at the Teen Shelter in the Village Recreation Area with cigarette butts, smashed bottles (leaving glass shattered in the childrens’ play area), empty cans, and other litter being left seemingly on a daily basis. There has also sadly been evidence of vandalism, which a bench being broken, and the new table tennis bats and balls being deliberately broken.  The Parish Council wants to stop this needless vandalism and threatening behaviour, and so we are asking for everyone’s help in stamping this out.

The council has once again contacted Thames Valley Police and, as a result, you may note that patrol cars are visiting the site and more frequently patrolling the village on late shifts and over the weekends. The Neighbourhood Police Team have, however, requested that if anyone knows any further information about these incidents to please report it to them immediately and they will endeavour to send someone out to talk to them directly.

The children’s school holidays are upon us, and whilst many were hoping to allow their children out to play with friends, sadly they are unable to until the culprits are caught and stopped, or come to their senses. So, we are urging anyone with information about the people responsible for this misuse of a village amenity to either contact the police, or if they wish to remain anonymous, the Clerk (who will report on their behalf).

To contact the police with any information you have please call 101 non-emergency number, and quote the URN number564 4/1/19.  The police have also asked that you do not try and approach anyone thought to be mis-using the area yourselves, and that younger children using the recreation area are accompanied by an adult.  Your vigilance is very much appreciated.

We hope that regular monitoring and police surveillance will be sufficient to make this a safe area for our children to play in again soon.

 If you have any questions, please contact our Clerk

Kind regards,

Graham Ellis

PBPC Chairman