Advent Windows

Dear Villagers

Since Christmas 2020 has potential to be a bit quiet, we are proposing to have an Advent Window display in Preston Bissett.

You may have seen one in other towns and villages.  The idea is that 23 villagers volunteer to unveil a road-facing window/front garden display, one on each day of December, with the final window being opened on 24th December at the Church.  

The window or garden needs to be easily visible to passers-by (fine to go up a garden path or driveway), although we will make a trail map for people to see where each “window” will be.  

The display can be as simple as some paper snowflakes, or lego model, paper cut-outs, stars or bauble display, or a traditional nativity scene, or lights, or…..anything!  

If you are a volunteer you will be told which number you are (ie which day in December) and on that date, you can unveil your window and leave it unveiled every day until Christmas.  This is so that people can walk the whole trail by Christmas and admire the displays, and before that can look around at weekends if they wish and see those which have been unveiled so far.  Perhaps at weekends during December, you could leave out some wrapped mince pies or cookies near your window, and we will provide collection buckets for donations to the church.  This way, people can visit the windows in their own time, and stay socially distanced.

If you have any questions, or would like to be the owner of a window, then please contact or 01280 847651 (or reply to this message) by 15th November and we will give you a number/date!

Best wishes