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A message from our Parish Council

To Preston Bissett Villagers 27 th August 2023
By now, most of you are aware of construction works that have commenced along the Preston Road
towards Gawcott, adjacent to the Gawcott Wood Game Farm.
This site is within the Gawcott and Lenborough Parish.
These unauthorised works have been reported by Alan White Chair of the Gawcott and Lenborough
Parish Council (G & L PC) to the Buckinghamshire Council Planning Enforcement Team and to both
Patrick Fealey and Robin Stuchbury – Councillors for this area. The Police have been made aware
Members of the Enforcement Team were at the site yesterday taking photos of the work being
carried out. So far, the unauthorised development consists of levelling the site, stripping off the
topsoil and putting down a considerable amount of hard core. A mobile home has been sited at the
front together with two caravans. A cesspool tank is ready for installation. Further works are
I have been in contact with Alan, his Parish Clerk and Tony Ulph of G & L PC since yesterday morning
and given them our Parish Council support to ensure Buckinghamshire Council closes down these
operations. Support has also been offered by Tingewick Parish Council.
I am aware that Robin Stuchbury has already urged action within the Buckinghamshire Council.
A message has been posted on Facebook by G & L PC yesterday evening to confirm they are aware of
the situation and that they ‘will not be responding to comments’.
I hope this gives you all the information that I have currently.

Graham Ellis
Chair of Preston Bissett Parish Council