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A message from Karen Ellis

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Hello All

In case you haven’t already heard on the village grapevine, I DID IT!!!!!!!

I could go on for hours but don’t want to bore you. Suffice to say it was an amazing day and I had a fantastic time but I could not have done it without your support. Whether it was just a friendly smile or an encouraging wave on a training run or letting me use your toilet & giving me a glass of water when I was in desperate need of either of those it all helped get me to the finish line! I have a few aches and pains but it was all worth it and I shall be wearing my medal all week!

Thank you to you all for helping me to raise £7,464 for Freddie’s Future/Bone Cancer research Trust. Freddie himself was there cheering with his family – I was so lucky to get a powerhug from him around Mile 25. I am hoping to get to £8,000 so if anyone would like to donate now I have actually done it, please go to

If you took part in my Sweepstake, the horse results are:-

Tornado Tam 4hrs 14mins

Fast Fisher 4hrs 49mins

Quick off the Mark 4hrs 54mins

Kinetic Karen 4hrs 57mins

Kicking Kirsty 5hrs19mins

Jannine the Jet 5hrs 24mins

So if you bet on Tammy (who was number 4) then your name will go into the winning draw which will take place tomorrow around 6.30 at the White Hart. Come and see if you are the lucky winner of £100 to spend there!

From Karen