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MK Refuge appeal. All donations by Thursday 2ND December

Hi All

A quick update on the appeal:

We need all gifts to be with Ron and Eira at the Laurels, Leys Lane by the end of the afternoon, Thursday 2nd December so we can be sure of delivering to the refuge in time.

Thanks for all of the donations received so far!

Below is are the full details of the appeal.

A Christmas Gift for an Unknown Child – URGENT

Last year Preston Bissett joined with Marsh Gibbon Church in collecting children’s gifts for the Milton Keynes Women’s Refuge. We came to the project rather late but the response from villagers was so positive that we thought this year we might join the project in our own right. Therefore, Preston Bissett Church is supporting the Milton Keynes Women’s Refuge this Christmas.  

The Refuge is very grateful for Christmas presents for children in families affected by domestic abuse.  The Refuge currently cares for 27 girls and 29 boys aged 1 – 13 years.

Toiletries, hats, gloves, new books and new toys are particularly appreciated. Please wrap the gift either in a gift bag with a label on with the child’s sex and age, or in a plastic bag so that it can be directed to a suitable child. Another form of Christmas present is a Supermarket Voucher so that mothers can pick presents for their children and buy food. Visit

BUT WE NEED TO ACT QUICKLY! We are required to deliver the Christmas presents before  1.00pm on Monday, 6thDecember. So to make sure we don’t miss the deadline we are asking for all donation to be made by the end of the day, Thursday 2nd December.

Please deliver to Ron and Eira Aspinall at The Laurels Leys Lane and we will make arrangements to get the presents to the Refuge.

Many Thanks