More Church roof lead stolen!

Below is a another letter from Revd David Hiscock:

Dear All,

I was advised at 9.25pm this evening that the remaining lead has been stolen from the nave roof. I am guessing our bell tower captain noticed it had gone by looking through the east window of the tower when winding the clock after bell ringing practice. I spent the next 40 minutes trying to contact the police on 101 to make a report. I learn that the police will not accept a 999 call unless the offenders are still on the premises. Today’s report has been cross-referenced to the previous report and I have suggested they might also wish to place a possible cross-reference to the further theft of lead at Grendon Underwood Church reported on Friday.

I was concerned that the thieves might return because I have heard of this before. We sought extra vigilance in case another visit happened but sadly to no avail and no one appears to have seen or heard anything.  The floodlighting of the church has now been programmed to be on from 9.00pm – 5.00am each day of the week in the hope that this might help deter another visit by the thieves. We were unable to see in the dark but hope that the lead on all the other rooves is still intact. However, there is every chance that the thieves will return again this evening or later to steal the remaining lead, especially if they required three visits to transport it all.

Thankfully, the weather this week has been dry and I am very hopeful that the building can be made watertight on Thursday ahead of the rains forecast for next week.

Kind regards,


Revd David Hiscock
Team Rector of Claydons & Swan Team
The Rectory, Castle Street, Marsh Gibbon, Bicester, Oxon, OX27 0HJ  – 01869 277297