‘Normally’ our cricket team play every Saturday afternoon and Wednesday evening, however for this season (2020) things are altered due to the COVID19 pandemic.  

Therefore Neil and the Committee would like to share how the full list of guidelines for recreational cricket (these can be found on the ECB website, will apply to our players and players visiting for a fixture for the rest of this season.

PBCC: Coronavirus guidance from 11th July 2020

The below guidance is to be adhered to at all times. Any people playing, officiating or spectating need to be aware that they do so at their own risk, and they are individually responsible for adhering to the relevant guidelines.

  1.   There will be absolutely no entry to clubhouse, changing rooms (and grounds man sheds), except for medical emergencies.
  2.   Arrive changed and ready to play.
  3.   If you need to shelter from the rain please do so in your car.
  4.   Please also bring your own chairs / picnic blankets.
  5.   Bring your own food and drink – none will be provided.
  6.   Upon arrival at the ground a list of players, officials and spectator names and phone numbers must be provided to the opposition team i.e. away team to provide list to home team, and home team to provide a list to the away team.
  7.   PBCC will provide hand sanitiser for use when entering and leaving the toilet.
  8.   Everybody should bring their own sanitiser for use before, during and after the game as they see fit (note that guidance is to sanitise your hands at every break including when the ball is sanitised – see below).
  9.   The ball will be wiped clean with a sanitised wipe every 6 overs or 20 minutes (whichever is sooner). PBCC will provide these wipes.
  10.   Everybody must adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times. This means 2 metres plus except for wicket keepers and slip fielders for which the guidelines are 1 metre plus.
  11.   Batters are to run in distinct running lines to ensure they maintain the 2 metre plus rule.
  12.   Own equipment to be used at all times – no sharing of equipment.
  13.   No saliva or sweat to be applied to the ball.   No spitting.
  14.   Contact with the ball should be kept to a minimum e.g. the ball is to be passed directly from the wicket keeper to the bowler, and not be passed around the field.
  15.   Umpires do not touch the ball. When play is dead the ball is to be placed on the ground by the stumps.
  16.   Umpires will not be given clothing to hold.
    Only the umpires will touch the bails and stumps nearest to them.
  17.   Upon change of umpire the bails and stumps will need to be sanitised with a wipe. PBCC will provide these wipes.
  18.   Passing scorebooks between scorers should be avoided.
  19.   The number of people in contact with the scoreboard to be kept to a minimum.

This document can be found here

A full list of guidelines can be found on the ECB website


If you would like to  join us or for more information, please contact: 

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