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We’re still looking for Marcus

Hello everyone – We are hoping for a bit of Christmas magic as we continue our search for MARCUS

Thanks to all of you who tell us they are still looking out for him

A local farmer got in touch recently to say he had seen a black cat jump to the top of his hay bales – he had never seen a cat on his farm before. Sadly after watching and feeding for several days we had to admit it was not marcus BUT it just shows that in a flash you could see a cat that could be him – (and the farmer is continuing to feed the other cat)

We have met a lot of black cats over the weeks – but none have his distinguishing white patch

If you do catch a glimpse of a cat you think might be him – specially in a place you don’t normally see cats, please do let us know – maybe some other bales of hay or other cosy place for a cat

Or if you hear of someone feeding a cat they think is a stray and may be Marcus again please let us know

I cannot tell you how much we miss our lovely, gentle boy

Oh and there is a reward for his safe return

Thank you again
01280 848 160/07986 275 753

Rosemary Cottage, Preston Bissett, MK18 4LP