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VE Day Photo and Colouring in Competition

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Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have now closed the voting and collated the votes, so can announce the winners of the VE Day photo and colouring in competition.

Class 1 - We’ll Meet Again.


The clear winner was the Murnane’s PB Battle of Britain, in second was the Dad’s Army tractor and joint third were Mark Payne @11am, Hollie and friends and Anglo American.

Judges pick of the rest – John Gulliver’s Iron Horse

Class 2 - Film

This class was closer, but again the Murnane’s Top Gun takes gold, with Pirates of PB in silver and the Lion King in bronze

Judges pick of the rest – My friend Flicka and the Old Hat Strikes back (don’t ever make me choose between horses and Star Wars).

Class 3 - Music

The village has voted for the androgynous Florence and her cardboard Lungs to take the top spot, with local slug whisperer Nick Steadman coming in second with the cryptic Life on Mars, third place goes to Alice’s Insane.

Judges pick of the rest – Hounds of Love, those poodles nailed it.

Class 4 - Eurovision Bake off

The two entries in this class did look completely delicious (note – judge here, completely surrounded by no cake…), however Alison did just pip Hetty to the post by the most wafer thin slice.

Class 5 - Pets at Home

This split the crowd enormously, there were 3 big hitting joint ‘Top Dog’ winners, they are Little and Large, Nelson and Goose and Reggie (Animal), in joint second place we have Wendy doing Pilates and Plankly Indifferent, third spot was shared between seven entries, who featured some ducklings, Ben, Jack, Cookie, Helen’s raspberry blowing cat and the Payne cat and chicken combo.

Class 6 - Colouring In

Neil’s use of felt tip pens was clearly inspired as he romped away with the title (how does that make you feel Neil?), however the more talented younger ladies of the village using proper pencils did very well, Tabitha came in a clear second with Hetty, Alice and Phoebe coming in joint third (myself and Smamfa did less well).

Well that about rounds it up, I’ll amend the photo’s on the page in the next day or so, so that you can continue to enjoy them for the time being.  Thank you all so much for taking the time to participate either with submissions or with the voting, it was great to see all the different entries that came in.

A bientôt