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‘Travel Safe Bucks’ – seasonal newsletter. Autumn 2020

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Description automatically generatedSafe Walking During lockdown, walking became a favoured pastime for a lot of households and seems to still be as popular as it was earlier in the year. Due to the increase in pedestrians, it is more important than ever to remind ourselves, and children, of the highway code. The key points to remember are; Use pavements and safe crossings where possibleHelp others to see you by wearing or carrying something bright or fluorescentIf walking or running during the darker hours, use  reflective materials such as armbands, sashes or jacketsTake extra care when out with young children and pushchairs Think! Have launched an update to their 10-year campaign, ‘Tales of the Road’, due to more of us now living a digital life. This has provided schools and parents a much easier way to access the resources provided and really engages children through interactive learning. Click here to take a look. The Government have also been reviewing the Highway Code, currently focussing on cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders. The review is specifically looking at overtaking, passing distances, cyclist and pedestrian priority at junctions, opening vehicle doors and responsibility of road users. There are 3 main changes that are being proposed through this consultation:introduction of a hierarchy of road users which ensures that those road users who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose to othersclarifying existing rules on pedestrian priority on pavements and that drivers and riders should give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the roadestablishing guidance on safe passing distances and speeds when overtaking cyclists or horse riders, and ensuring they have priority at junctions when travelling straight ahead 
 E-Scooter Trials Milton Keynes Council recently started their trial of E-scooters as part of a Government scheme. The trial could last up to 12 months and with no more than 900 scooters deployed during the trial. The scooters can be ridden anywhere you can ride a bike, in MK this is primarily the Redway network. All of the scooters provided with the trial have passed safety tests by the Department for Transport, before being licensed, meaning they are considered the same as any other road vehicle and all users will need to have a full driving license. Unfortunately, like cycling, it isn’t easy to enforce riding on the correct routes however the scooters have been installed with technology that can switch off, or reduce, the power when they move into areas they shouldn’t be. Currently, only scooters that have been licensed through the trial are legal. Buckinghamshire Council have received approval from the Department for Transport to run an e-scooter trial in Aylesbury and High Wycombe. We are currently reviewing the trial details with local stakeholders before a proposed launch in November. A motorcycle parked in front of a building

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Description automatically generated  Taking Extra Care Due to the increase in traffic on the roads from pedestrians and cyclists, we have put together some new informational graphics and videos. The videos are available here on YouTube as a playlist, and the graphics are available here on the Parish Portal, as well as our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. These are perfect for sharing on social media or providing education for those you feel could benefit from it. 
 #ProjectEdward During 14th – 18th September, we took part in the national campaign Project Edward, which stands for Every Day Without A Road Death. This year the theme for the week was focused on those who drive for work. Over the course of the week, each day had a different topic, to help educate the public on various forms of road safety. The topics were; Safer Drivers, Safer Journeys, Driver Wellbeing, Safer Vehicles and Better Businesses.  TfB supported TVP who focused on the A40 through Buckinghamshire. This consisted of roadside enforcement and education using the mobile phone detector which was sited on a lighting column in Stokenchurch.  DriveTech to play prominent supporting role in Project EDWARD in September  2020

Description automatically generated Tyre Safety Month October is Tyre Safety Month! On social media we have been sharing lots of advice on the various forms of tyre safety and how we can keep on top of the condition of our tyres. It’s important to check your tyres once a month, and before long journeys. Make sure you check; Pressure – use an accurate tyre pressure gauge to check your tyres pressure at the recommended settings which can be found in the vehicle handbook..Condition – Lumps or bulges in a tyre could indicate internal damage, so make sure you check for these as well as cuts or cracks. If found, the tyre may need replacing so seek professional help.Tread – Tread depth should be checked with an accurate gauge to ensure it’s above the minimal legal limit of 1.6mm. If you don’t have an accurate tread depth gauge, a 20p can be used. Click here to watch a video by RAC explaining how to do this. 
    Traffic Calming Speeding has always been a hot topic within towns and villages across the country, especially on our rural roads. Buckinghamshire Council have acknowledged that many of the local communities are concerned about this issue and have put together a Traffic Calming Booklet. The guide has been put together to explain the various different types of traffic calming measure that may be possible, and gives an indication of what measures are suitable depending on location. Click here to access The Traffic Calming Booklet on the Parish Portal. 
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Description automatically generated Coming Next… Heading towards the later part of the year and the colder, darker months, we will be focusing on several key topics. Drink/Drug Driving With the festive season fast approaching, drinking with friends and family is a popular way to celebrate and we will be reminding people to not drink and drive. This does also include the morning after a night of drinking, and we will continue to promote The Morning After Calculator to assist the public with making the right decisions. Winter Driving With the evenings now drawing in even earlier, and the darker hours becoming much colder, we will be sharing winter driving tips on social media to help keep everyone safe. We do also have a winter driving module available we will continue to promote, feel free to read it in advance by clicking here. Road Safety Week Brake will be running their annual Road Safety Week, 16th – 22nd November, with the theme ‘No Need to Speed’. We will support the campaign by sharing various resources, reminders and tips throughout the week.