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The Old School Hall – update

Preston Bissett Church of England School (The Old School)

The Trustees of Preston Bissett Church of England School (The Old School) are pleased to advise that significant progress has now been made in securing the building for the village community to be managed and used as the village hall. While there is much more work to be done and issues to be resolved, our legal advisors have concluded that we are now at a point where we can move forward with some confidence.

The trustees propose to hold a zoom meeting to include any village resident who might have an interest. At this meeting the trustees will explain the structure of the proposed legal scheme and also, importantly, facilitate the formation of a new charity the “Preston Bissett Village Hall Charity” which will in future be responsible for the community management and maintenance of the hall.   

If you wish to join the Zoom meeting would you please contact Ron Aspinall 01280 847 821 to book a place. We will then contact those interested to arrange a mutually convenient date for the meeting.

Reverend David Hiscock

Graham Gulliver

Ron Aspinall

Preston Bissett Church of England School Trustees

2ndOctober 2020