Mary the Muntjac

It’s during times like these that we all enjoy a nice story with a happy ending, and so we’d like to share with you the story (as we know it) of Mary, the Muntjac Deer.
Some of you will know of Mary, who lives in Preston Bissett and patrols the gardens and allotments of Main Street, but for those of you who don’t she is a seemingly fearless deer who enjoys joining Haigh and Janet for their evening G&T in their allotment, plays with Cookie at the farmhouse , and frustrates gardeners by merrily walking over newly planted flower beds helping herself to the annuals, but we all love seeing her.
Sadly, no-one had seen or heard of her for a couple of months and all (even the gardeners) were concerned for her.
So, we were all more than a little relieved to receive this video, which explained all