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Advent Windows – the list so far!

Hi everyone

Attached is the list of windows so far. There are only a few numbers left so, if you’d like to take part, simply reply to this email or message Bertie and she’ll give you a number.

The idea is simple and is intended to make the village look festive. You decorate and light a window in your house starting on the date in December that you are given and switch your light on each evening until Christmas Eve. This can be as simple or as complicated as you wish; your child’s artwork, some twinkly lights, some window paints and a stencil or a little festive scene…….or even the number sprinkled with glitter! Villagers can then follow the trail of numbers and admire your lights and handiwork !

Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far! It’s going to be a lovely living Advent Calendar!