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VE Day – Friday 8th May 2020

The planned VE Day Celebrations, regrettably, have to be toned down due to the current and foreseeable lockdown. 

We would, however, still like to mark the occasion in our own small way. So, after the church bells chime at 3pm on Friday 8th May, we are asking that everyone take to their doorstep with a glass of something nice to join the National ‘Toast to the Heroes”; singing out three cheers to the Heroes of WWII, and the Heroes of today.

We also thought it would be fun for us to trial run a couple of online competitions to occupy us during lockdown; 

1. A Colouring competition (open to all ages of course).   The template pictures can be printed from the website (see below), or send in your own VE-Day picture2. A Photo competition with the following classes; 

  1. Class 1: “We’ll Meet Again”.  Households to get family members possibly dressed up in some post war recreation, with bunting having a picnic,  as evacuees,  a ‘lockdown Lucy moment’ it really doesn’t matter – the idea is to keep in touch and I’m sure there will be some great outfits/hairstyles/bunting on show.  You could always set the scene by colouring your own bunting (template below) Categories, a) kids b) adults c) black and white or sepia.
  2. Class 2: “Film”. For this we want people to recreate an image from a film using whatever is to hand (dogs, aliens, whatever) category a) kids b) adults c) “Who is Spartacus?”
  3. Class 3: “Music Round”. Recreate iconic Album covers using family members, animals or anything else to hand in lockdown (must include people and what the album actually is somewhere in shot).     category a) kids b) adults c) Sgt Peppers, or Super Trouper
  4. Class 4: “Pets at Home”. Category a) kids b) adults c) for this one should be ‘best face of neglect’
  5. Class 5: “Eurovision meets the Great British Bake Off”. A photo to include something cooked by the household and outrageously styled by the whole family.  Category a) kids b) adults c) Glitter and Gold.  

There is no limit to the number of entries per household, and all entries can be submitted* via the village website ‘contact us’ page or send to , anytime between now and 12pm on Friday 8th May 2020, and can be viewed by all on the website on the 8th May for all to view and vote for their favourite in each class. The top three in each class will then be published on the website.

At 7pm bells in Cathedrals, Churches and other locations around the country plan on ringing out in a collective celebration of peace, and our Church Bell will join in the National Chorus. At this time you may wish to light a candle for the heroes of today.

The Events committee promises that a street party to mark VE Day, and the end of the current ‘war’ we are waging, will be arranged once it is deemed safe to do so.

In the meantime, stay home and stay safe, keep calm and get clicking and colouring-in!

The Events Committee