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Photo Competition: Vote Now!

Class 1: We'll Meet Again Fantastic shots of our community, either now or in the past, great work people!
Class 2: “Film”. Some inspired and beautiful shots in this class, also some things we can never unsee... Vote for your favourites!
Class 3: “Music”. A diverse bunch of entries, some channelling their inner vegetable for example, a very competitive class!
Class 4: “Eurovision Bake Off”. A couple of delicious looking entries to tickle your tastebuds!
Class 5: “Pets at Home". A triumph of entries here - resulting in the obvious fact that we are an animal loving bunch in the Bissett. A surprising amount of guinea pigs featured.
Class 6 “Colouring in". Some true talent and very creative interpretations of our lovely village. Thanks to Hollie and Andy for supplying the templates.