A message re: Church finances during these difficult times. Please support if you can…..


May we please ask for your help at a difficult time when just about everyone is struggling?
The Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted our Church finances and it is not clear when
services in church will be resumed and what fund-raising activities we will be in a position
to hold. Church income is reduced to a small trust fund and monthly pledged giving. Many
churches have already warned the Diocese that they will be unable to pay their usual
contribution to the Diocesan Central Fund (Parish Share) for 2020 and the Diocese reports
that it has only three months of reserves to cover outgoings which is mostly clergy
stipends (salaries) which is a serious situation.
We are pleased to report that, thanks to previous support received, Preston Bissett
Church has some savings and by digging into these we can continue to meet our
commitments for insurance etc and the Church Council has been able to confirm the
intention to pay Preston Bissett Parish Share quota in full. However, this will leave the
Church with very little remaining savings and we were already facing the challenge that
one source of income, Pledged Giving, has reduced by more than 30% over the last few
years due to contributors dying or moving from the village.
We recognise that it is not just the Church that is suffering and many of our parishioners
will also be under financial strain. However, anything we can do increase the amount of
monthly Pledged Giving would be hugely valuable. Therefore, we are asking whether
anyone might be able to go the extra mile and we invite you to help either by increasing
an existing pledge or by setting up a new pledge to give an amount to the Church each
month. Any help you can afford will be greatly appreciated. Please contact either of us
and we will be happy to provide any paperwork or further information you might require.
Thank you.
Graham Gulliver Ron Aspinall
Church Warden Church Warden
Grahamgulliver@hotmail.co.uk ron.aspinall@eiron.vnworks.net